English Self Introduction

1. Self Introduction

Hi, this is Harry. I am from China. I am thirty two years old and with 8 years experience in program development. Now I live in Shenzhen, one of the largest cities in China.

I got my bachelor’s degree in 2012 in Chengdu University of Technology. My major is Information engineering, however it’s more about hardware development. For me, I am extremely interested in software development. So I started to learn Java Web development from freshman.

During my 8 years’ career, there are a lot of impressive things.

One of them is I had refactored a C++ project with Java. At that time I barely had any experience of C++. It’s really a big challenge. Cause the C++ project has 7 sub-modules. I need to refactor them one by one. The hardest part is to find the data protocol between the sub-modules. So I analyzed the binary stream protocol, wrote a Java tool to convert objects between Java and C++. Once I finish this protocol convertor tool, the refactoring became more easily.

Another impressive thing is about of sharing and learning. When I was in Alibaba, the international company, listed on NASDAQ, I found Docker was so useful to a coder, so I learned Docker in my spare time and try to use Docker in my daily work. After I had a deeper understanding of Docker, I made a share to my colleagues. Yes, I am very open to share anything. Because in my opinion: sharing makes progress.

This opinion is influenced by my colleagues from my first job. My first job was in a foreign outsourcing company from American. Everyone there is always willing to share anything.
And yes I did learn lots of things from them, such as Linux, Bash Shell and Vim.

On my spare time, I will write some tools with Bash Shell and Goland, publish them to Github, write a blog, or read some technical documents. Like I wrote a plugin to MyBatis Generate Tool and shared it on Github and pushed the plugin library to Maven Central repository.

Certainly I have lots of other hobbies, like fitness, running, hiking, climbing mountains, walking with family. A healthy body is the foundation of work.

Finally, as I said, I am motivated, eager to learn and always well prepared to face any challenges. Thank for listening.

Just for my love !!